Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video User Manual: Order to Cash Application (Zoho Creator)

Your company sells a fixed number of items each of which has a fixed price and at any point of time there is a certain quantity of each item in the inventory. Your salespersons are out in the market and meet clients to pick up orders. They can pick up an order if and only if the required amount is available in the inventory. When an order is picked up the quantity in the inventory has to be reduced. If the order falls below a certain quantity, a re-stocking mail has to be generated. After an order is placed, cash has to be collected against the order. Once the cash is collected, the order is tagged is paid. As the owner-manager you would like to know what are the orders that have been placed, what is the inventory ? What is the accounts receivable position and so on ... 

Click here to access the application.
Click here to access the tutorial to build the application from scratch.

Video Manual... Play the video on High Resolution !!!

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